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Saturday, February 27, 2010

We have moved.

As some of you may know, in August of 2008 Rex and I bought a 1940 Bungalow in the heart of downtown Austin. We have ripped, painted, hammered, tore down, ripped some more, and cried during our renovations. But, the dust has finally settled and our little “bungalow of joy” is finally done. Here’s the bad news….its for Sale! The plan was not to flip this house. But, Rex and I have decided 760 square feet is just too small for the two of us while downtown is also way too loud for our likings.
Something we said we would NEVER do is move to the “burbs”. And here we go! As we speak we have a house being built in the burbs and I dont think either of us could be more thrilled. Is it ridiculously I long for an HOA??
During all of this I can not help but daydream of all the “pretty things” I will fill my new home with since I will not be living on such space constraints.
I’ll start with the gorgeous address stamps and labels from The Paper Cafe. Arent they darling? I cant get enough of them. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas next year!


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