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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My "In a funk" phase is completely behind me and I am back from my hectic hiatus.  The house has officially sold and we are settled into our new home.
Some updates on the home situation......
While we had been under contract on a new home we were building for about 6 months we decided to back out, live like college kiddos again and begin to save for land in the Texas Hill Country.  So, that we did.  Well, not exactly.
Heres the deal.....  My little brother goes to school in Austin (an hour away from our parents home in Johnson City) so he can take advantage of a magnet school education.  My mother had been renting an apartment in Austin for the past 3 years while my brother could go to school here and driving back to Johnson City every day to work.  My father stayed at the ranch and they were officially dating again!  :)  My mother made a deal with the Mr. Fashionista and I that we could not refuse.  If we housed my little brother for the last year of his high school education she would pay the rent.  Talk about the opportunity to save some major cash!!!  So, we jumped right on the opportunity thinking we would never be able to save such an amount of cash in such a short time again.
So, the three of us are  cozy as can be in our 3 bedroom apartment located in South Austin and I am having a ball decorating and making it feel like home again.  Home ownership is wonderful, but I must say the simplicity of being a renter is just as nice.
Anywho, I am back in full force with lots of great posts coming your way!



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